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Monitor is the output device of the computer. A problem in the monitor and laptop display can be very annoying. Sometimes pixel issues also create problems. We provide monitor service in Chennai. Anywhere in Chennai at a reasonable price. We also sell new monitors. Second hand monitors are also available with us. At present CRT monitors are used by very few people. People now prefer LCD and LED Monitors. They are very good for the eyes and also burns less electricity. Our Monitor service center in Chennai is the best and provides solutions for both lcd and crt monitors. We also sell second hand lcd monitors at low price. Contact us for price and features and size of the screen. Contact us for monitor repairing in Chennai.


Internet has become a very compulsory requirement for everybody. Computers which frequently run internet come under the risk of virus attack. Sometimes virus, trojans and harmful files get downloaded along with other files. They sit in the hard disk of the computers and cause problems in the computer and laptop. The biggest problem is the slowness of the computers caused by virus. Our service centers provide virus removal and that too at doorstep. We will clear the virus, remove them and also install anti virus software. Some anti virus are available in trial version only. If the customer wants the whole package we can install it. We have lot of good anti virus such as Kaspersky anti virus, AVG anti virus, McAfee anti virus, Norton anti virus, Panda anti virus, NOD32 anti virus, etc. We are leading anti virus selling shops in Chennai. Contact us for free home delivery. Apart from virus removal we also setup internet connection. Although the internet service providers does the installation and makes it run. There are sometimes issues with your connection, with your system and sometimes even with the networking wire. Don’t worry just give us a call for internet connection troubleshooting. We provide internet connection repair at very affordable cost.


OS installation can also be done by us. Sometimes your computer can become very slow due to lot of junk files, virus attack, etc. At that time it is better to reinstall the operating system in your computer. Some people even might want new and latest operating system. We have all operating systems of windows and linux. We have have WIN XP, Win 7, Win 8, etc. As for all other service even for OS installation we can come to your place. We also install other softwares. Softwares such as MS-Office, Adobe Package, Photoshop, Coral Draw, Page Maker, etc. Multimedia Softwares, CADD softwares, Civil Drawing Softwares, Autocad softwares, Etc. The necessary software installed in your computer can make the work more easier and comfortable. For OS installation companies in Chennai contact us. We also install Linux and Windows OS. We are leading OS installation service center in Chennai. Contact us for other softwares also. We have all major Softwares such as Adobe Package, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Coraw Draw, Page Maker, Flash, 2D softwares, 3D softwares, MS-Office, Winrar, Filezilla, Video Cutter Software, Audio Cutter Software, Movie Making Software, Video Games, ETC. Our os installation center in Chennai has the latest version of Operating System.


We also deal in Keyboard and mouse. Keyboard problems and mouse problems can cause real headache. We try to move mouse and the pointer does not move at all and we hit the mouse on the table. Same goes with the keyboard. If the keys doesn't work we press the keys really hard. Without the mouse and keyboard the work cant be done. Most of the times it is advisable to buy new keyboard and mouse instead of servicing it because the cost of the mouse and keyboard is very low. The service charges will be as equal to the cost of the new. We also deal in wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. Contact us for wireless mouse and wireless keyboard sales in Chennai. For wireless mouse and keyboard price and specifications contact us. Our keyboard and mouse service center in Chennai also offers buyback. We also supply spare parts for the computers and laptops. Genuine and compatible spare parts of all branded computers and laptops are available with us.

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